K9 Suites ia a low stress, small scale, dog boarding facility.  We will board 2-3 medium to large sized, well socialized, friendly dogs at a time.

The property consists of about 7 acres of fully fenced, timbered trails to run, and small open yards to fetch balls.

We treat your dogs like our own.  They can laze about the place or walk the trails with us throughout the day.  At night they can sleep in a cozy room in the kennel, or in a crate in the main house.  That decision is usually made by the dog!  We feed the food you provide and give medications and treats as instructed.

My name is Chris, I have been boarding dogs on my property for 10 years.  I am well versed in the behavior of dogs.  I continue to study multiple areas of behavior, touch therapy, and bodyworks.  My goal is to make the, inherently, stressful experience of being boarded as safe and easy for the dogs, and their people, as possible.